NYFW ~ Street Light

Dress: Vintage (thrifted) / Jewelry: Vintage (thrifted) / Shoes: Christian Louboutin / Clutch: Aldo
Photography: Trisha Penn

Yo yo!!! Happy Monday evening people :) I hope you had a eventful weekend. I'm feeling refreshed after doing a little soul searching and cleansing last week, so I'm in a peace and love type mood. My son's birthday is tomorrow, I can't believe he's 3, wow time flies. I think it's time to sit him down and show him the horrifying PowerPoint I created on STD's. 3 is too young you say?!?! Well I beg to differ these days...I'm all for the traumatization tactic, you gotta imbed these concepts when they're young lol...kidding NOT REALLY. Welp, I found this beautiful dress thrifting and decided to wear it to dinner one night in NYC. I love the crab brooch I'm wearing on my waist...Cancers rule July babies all day ;) When I bought it, I pinned it to the crotch of my pants and ran downstairs yelling I had crabs hahahahahah it was funny to me!!! Anywoo, this post is getting a little out of hand so I think I'll go now...Byeeeeeeeeeeeeee XOXO