NYFW: Shady

Sweatshirt: Zara (alternative) / Shorts (alternative) & Hat: Thrifted / Bag: ASOS (alternative) / Shoes: Camilla Skovgaard (alternative / alternative) / Rings: Bebe
Photography: Trisha Penn

This was the look I wore day 1 of NYFW. I've been holding onto this Zara sweatshirt for months but couldn't think of how to wear it. I wanted to do something different than how I've seen others style it. So finally I came up with the perfect take on it, well at least for me, and surprise surprise I wore it with a hat!! It reminds me of Balmain SS13, even though I'm a penny pincher. I would so splurge on a piece from that collection.

I'm still trying to catch up with my life. Between working on my own projects and my 9-5 moving to DC I'm so behind. Now that I work in DC, I use to work in MD, I guess I should retire the t-shirts and homeless approach to work attire. Hell, I can kill two birds with one stone now and schedule photography sessions during my lunch break!!

Anyway, It's mommy time now. I hope you guys have a great weekend!!!