NYFW ~ Prints & Feathers

Dress: Solome Katongole / Shoes: Giuseppe Zanotti / Clutch: Aldo / Necklace: Thrifted
Photography: Trisha Penn 

Happy Monday!!! This will be my last post from fashion week :( Sad I know. And by now you should know that 30% of what I say I'm gonna do doesn't really happen. Not intentionally tho, I have a valid excuse, I'M LAZY!!! Haha no but I really wanted to post some video but my broken phone ruined that for me...however nowwwww I have the iPhone 5, woo hooooooo (so what I'm overly excited)...Hopefully I'll attend something noteworthy and upload more videos to this here blog. Anywoo, I wore this beautiful dress in NYC, designed by Solome Katongole...her work is sickkkk btw...I'm so obsessed with feathers right now, move over Birdman...thee official Birdwoman is here lol. You know how rappers have that distinctive noise they make (ie.. Rick Ross: uhuhuh, Lil Wayne: yeaah) Well my rapper noise will be ca-cauw (probably butchered the spelling so you have no idea what sound that translates to) Now all I need is auto tunes and I'll be the hottest rapper alive. I'm not sure what any of my ramblings have to do with fashion or fashion week today but OH WELL. Have a kick ass day :-p