Not Getting Married

Top, Skirt, Necklace, & Earrings: Thrifted / Shoes: Christian Louboutin
Ok so I asked Denisio, my friend and fellow blogger, if she would photograph me for some updates I wanted to do for the blog. Let me just say this woman, this woman, this woman *shakes head and stomps feet* the job she did was FUCKING AMAZING, please excuse my french!!! From the location, to climbing trees, to standing in the lake, to trucking through thorn bushes her vision for the shoot was seriously top of the line. If you don't know you betta ask somebody, this woman is the truth with a capital T!!! You need to be like emailing and booking her like right now. I titled this post, Not Getting Married, because when we were shooting this couple shouted, "Congratulations," lol and I replied "I'm not getting married" haha. I think they thought I was taking wedding photos, maybe one day :p !!! I hope this collaboration is the first of many to come in the future between Denisio and I, she's super talented and beautiful inside and out, one day we'll have to do a shoot together!!! That would be awesome. Anywoo I'm rambling now, I'm just really thrilled to have worked with her!!! Happy Friday and an early Merry Christmas, I hope you enjoy spending time with your family and friends. I can't wait to watch my son open all his gifts <3