No Clothes with that Jacket... So Necessary

Jacket worn as a dress: Thrifted / Accessories: Thrifted and gifted from my aunt / Shoes: Mulberry
Photography: Denisio Truitt
 Happy Monday!!! I'm back on my outfit post grind :) sometimes I just don't feel like taking pictures. So last week I said F it but this week I'm back on it baby. I love this jacket, I've been looking for a camel colored one for while now, I was beyond happy to finally find one thrifting. It was like 9 bucks. I decided to lose the clothes I was gonna wear it with, and just wear it as a dress. I tied the belt really tight in the back and added my favorite brooch to allude to a dress like shape. I must have been on a natural high Saturday...the weather here was so beautiful! Warm weather just makes me feel good. Last night JT finally released his new single "Suit & Tie"...I'm feeling it mannnnnnn! If yall don't know I love me some JT. Proof HERE, you can thank me for forcing him back into the game lolololololololol. Listen to his single HERE...Signing off now, until next time my friends!