Nights by the Fire

Dress: Thrifted / Shoes: Aldo / Earrings: Thelma's Vanity / Watch: Michael Kors / Bracelet: c/o of South Moon Under

Yesterday was my mom's and my best friends birthday!!! So I took my mom out to dinner, I wanted to take pictures of her but she wouldn't let me lol. On top of that I was featured on Fashion Bomb Daily, HERE, which I'm super thrilled about!!! Special thank you to Claire <3 Talk about a great day!!! Now let me rave about this dress, trust me you will see this piece again, and again, and again! I consider myself a thrift master and when I saw this dress it screamed at me. It was $3.99, are you outta yo mind???? I thought I thoroughly inspected it in the store but when I got home I noticed a few spots. Oh the devastation lol, my ass scrubbed and scrubbed and managed to make all but one disappear!!! And you better believe that one spot is NOT gonna stop me from wearing this dress. I'm sure I will experience future nipple slips. Oh well what's a boob we've all seen them. Haha now back to working on my vision board. Have a great day!