Sweater: Thrifted /Skirt: Thrifted  / Vest: Thrifted  / Bag: Gifted from my aunt / Shoes: Alaia
Photography: Trisha Penn

I’ve been waiting for some real Fall weather to pull out this vintage fur vest I found thrifting, last worn HERE. It’s reversible, navy suede on one side and this amazing brown fur on the other, as you can see. My taste is constantly changing. I wear this top ALL the time, but I’ve had this skirt for over a year and this was my first time wearing it. The top and the skirt are thrifted as well.

A lot of you have inquired about where I thrift. Honestly, I thrift everywhere, there’s no particular place I prefer to thrift. I will say that it takes a lot of patience to find quality stuff and a little imagination. I really take the time to look through every rack. I’m also drawn to a specific style so certain things stand out to me.

I would say go thrifting as frequently as you can. That will increase your chances of finding great stuff. Also, have an idea of what your closet is lacking. For example, I have a million bottoms and not enough tops. So right now I’m focusing on tops and jackets when thrifting. That way you don’t end up buying stuff you won’t wear. And trust me, your purchases will add up!!! So just like shopping retail, it makes no sense to buy pieces that aren’t functional in your wardrobe. I have tons of clothes from the thrift that I’ll never wear but bought just because it was interesting.

I hope that answered your questions about thrifting. But of course, if you want to discuss anything just email me at . I will try my best to respond to your emails. Life gets a little cray to the Z…so bear with me on response time.

Welp Football is on so I gots ta go!!! Let’s go SKINNNNNNNNS xoxo

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