Neal Beckstedt Studio: East 85th Street

So, I think I may have missed my true calling of being an interior designer haha!

Source: Neal Beckstedt Studio

My moving plans have been put on hold until after my trip to Paris in September. But that hasn't stopped me from obsessing over and planning my interior design concept.

After hours of searching the net the other night, I finally found the proper name for my design aesthetic...Eclectic {does happy dance}!!! If you Google "eclectic interior design" you'll get a really good indication of what you can expect when the move eventually happens.

Anyway, while searching, I also came across interior design firm Neal Beckstedt Studio. I love the feel of his spaces, this East 85th street residence is such a beauty. A masterful mix of textures with intricate furniture selections, I really enjoyed the experience of scrolling through his projects.

He really understands how to create comfort and warmth within a room by adding simple elements. That's actually really hard to achieve while maintaining a clean overall look. Looking forward to seeing more projects from this firm.