Mix Up

Cardigan: Ann Taylor (Thrifted) / Top: Old / Pants: Thrifted / Shoes: Zara
Late post today and I'm about to play Monopoly, oddly enough I'm ok with doing that on NYE! True sign of getting old haha. My lovely mama took these pictures of me. These are the camo pants I found thrifting, they fit soooooo damn good, so I'm gonna wear them all the time...like really all the time. I also found this cardigan with tags attached thrifting a while back. So I said what the hell I'll wear them together. I love this look, it was so comfortable, I wore it yesterday to watch my Redskins beat the Cowboys!!!!! Wadddddup Cowboy fans hahahahahahaha...Welp, I wish you great new beginnings and continued success in 2013! Let's make this year bigger and better than 2012 XOXO