It's almost Thursday, so a throwback to my trip to Milan is fitting. My outfit, unintentionally, blended perfectly with the scenery at the Duomo. I know I've said this about every stop on my Euro trip, but Milan is so beautiful! Looking at Milan atop the Duomo was one of the most amazing views I've ever seen.

Boots: Tony Bianco / Sweater: Zara /Belt: Shareen Vintage

I really wanna go back to Europe. I didn't go to London, so I'll be making a stop there next time around. I turn 30 next year, the plan is to get out of the country. Any suggestions you have would be awesome. I have no idea where to go, 30 is a milestone birthday so I want it to be epic. Definitely has to be coastal or an island because I love the water.

Anyway, just thought I'd share more of my trip. Have a great Thanksgiving.