Mama Diary: What About the Boys


I find myself highly annoyed with the lack of selection boys have in clothing. (Parent's of boys you feel my pain right) This is me while shopping for my son....pass the mini purses, through the over tulled tutu's, Over the hills of dresses, tucked way in the corner... ahhh there it is, the boys section. And don't even let there be another boy parent in the section...BWARE!!!  That moment you both lock eyes on something cute and inconspicuously scurry over and try to grab it before they do...a la the scene in Confessions of a Shopaholic above!!! Hahahah I love that movie. So after many headaches I came up with a brilliant idea. I'll just start designing his clothes myself.
So this Spring I'll be debuting a boys clothing boutique. I'm still in the early stages of getting everything together but I've started designing and I'm OBSESSED!!!! I just so happen to have the perfect baby model too, lucky me ;) The line will be named after my little guy and the design concept is vintage-contemporary. I'll start featuring the designs on my son here on the blog in early April. Stay tuned. I'll also be keeping you updated via Instagram @beloudbeyou