Mama Diary: "Life Changing"

Well hello there mama's!!! This one's for you. I promise I'll get better at posting these diaries but until then you'll just have to enjoy their random nature. Now, undoubtedly if you've had conversations about having or raising a child you're heard this, "Having a baby is a life changing experience." This is a very true statement, however, I think people misinterpret the "life changing" part. Through various conversations with friends, the most common misconception is that having children limits the things you can and can't do. Some people feel that their personal goals and aspirations will be cut short if they have children.

Wrong, wrong, wrong!!! Now, will you have to make adjustments, YES. But with everything in life, the key is your mentality. When I had my son, I was 24, unmarried, and quite frankly didn't have a clue. But having a child is a powerful thing! Having him, forced me to make decisions about my life that I may have procrastinated on or possibly never made. It helped me weed out the people who didn't hold value in my life, and realize the people who did. It created a sense of urgency for me to get my shit together, and push towards the life I dreamed of having not only for my son, but for myself.

As a parent you're ever evolving, you'll grow, you'll make mistakes, and you'll learn from those mistakes. Trust me, I've made a few of them myself. But the one thing I always tell my fellow mama's or wanna be mama's is, a child is an enhancement to your life. You can still push for and accomplish your dreams...and the most rewarding part is knowing you have someone you're pushing for!  

So when you hear "life changing," whether you're 24 or 34, already a parent or wanting to be one...view it as a character change. Because if you're blessed enough to have a child, you'll never be "ready," you won't be perfect, but you will be branded with that S on your chest...So be living proof that Supermom does exist, by demonstrating to your kids that no matter what....YOU CAN DO ANYTHING xoxo