Mad or Nah

About last night, I can't think of a better way to kickoff my week! My fellow Skins fans know there's nothing sweeter than a win against the Cowboys. Today I'll be sending memes and harassing texts to all the "Boys" fans I know, because why not?!?

Jacket: Thrifted / Shirt: c/o NFL / Skirt: ASOS / Shoes: Costume National / Jewelry: She's Unique , Slate, & Loud Love Jewelry

My love for sports is real, it should come as no surprise I wear my pride on my sleeve! Thanks to the NFL for sending me this dope Redskins tee. I basically knew we were gonna win, I took these pics before the game, because that's what confidant people do haha. No matter our record, that's the first thing Cowboys fans will point out,we always come to play for this rivalry.

I find it humorous that Cowboy fans boast about their ranking during the regular season. Yet Romo is "the greatest choke artist of all time" (in my best Kanye voice). Like does the regular season even matter anymore in Dallas?!? I think not. I know, your next point will be Superbowl rings. I'm glad you know your history Dallas fans, but I'll only respect that argument if you're able to win ANOTHER know, which only happens if you're able to win playoff games. Don't get ahead of yourself.

What I can say for certain is you took a L yesterday. What does it mean to be atop the NFC East if the bottom team can beat you? Que Drake, started from the bottom now we're here lol.

I feel a shift in the NFC East brewing, we've got some mojo my friends :) Anyway, I'm trying to be the chicest fan in the land haha. Although I wouldn't dare wear this to a game. Chicken wings and beer would not let this skirt be great. Plus I'd probably rip it right down the a** seam due to my tourettes...aka jumping around screaming obscenities like only ladies do.

In my former life I must've been a drag queen...I love looking girly but I'm all man inside lol. If you know me you know what I mean! Not sure if that's a good or bad thing...I will say I often have to beat the girl out of me. But from now to next Sunday, I'm riding this high. Minnesota, you're next!