Like Boy George

Jacket: BCBG (alternative) / Dress: Thrifted (alternative) / Bag: Zara (alternative) / Shoes: Zara (alternative) / Hat: Thrifted
Photography: Trisha

Welp because my camera is broken, I had to dip into my reserve posts for today lol. I took these photos a few weeks ago while Trish and I were having dinner in the city. 

One thing I love about DC is the amazing architecture. When I was younger, I was about that nightlife life, you know that's what your early twenties are for lol. Now that I'm older I've learned to appreciate all that DC has to offer during the day. Plus my ass is an extreme lightweight since I had my son. All that partying just ain't for me anymore.

My niece's dad kept calling me Boy George because of this hat lol. He's just mad he can't pull off the BG swag like I can...he's a hater lol. But I guess I've come to realize I have a strong love for androgynous looks. It's something so alluring about masculine/feminine looks. 

I blame it on me being an athlete. I'd rather be in loose comfortable clothes over tight stuff any day. But that doesn't mean I can't be feminine and feel sexy. I think a lot of times people feel what's trendy is what you should wear. But just like everything else in life, representing your own ideas and style is what's most important.

...Be yourself xo