Life by Design

It feels like I’ve been on vacation forever, I went to Hawaii with a few friends and had the most amazing time. I can’t wait to share a few snaps from my trip. In the meantime I’m picking up where I left off. I feel rejuvinated and I've really started to believe in life by design.  I’m feeling more creative than I’ve felt in a while. It’s been quite difficult for me lately because I’ve been going in and out of my creative zone. Honestly because I still struggle with pinpointing what my passion really is.

I dive into exploration mode to see where my passion is at different stages of my life. I’m not sure if this happens to other creatives, but for me I’m passionate about many things which is a good and frustrating thing.

Photography: Ksenia


As I refine what my aesthetic is, at least at the moment lol. I find myself really drawn to design. Which is why lately I’ve been doing a lot of it. Not just with the clothing my mom and I make, but really designing my life.

It’s a lot of moving parts, but when I started to sketch, so to speak, what I want my future to look like. I realized I have a true passion for the design process. Taking an idea or goal, laying the groundwork, and producing a product. That’s why I’m so passionate about the boys line I’m working on and the pieces I’ve been creating for myself. Through all the madness I find comfort in and feel the need to continually design.

Anyway, every time I come back from traveling I see things a little differently. I’m taken back by how beautiful the world is and much of it I’ve yet to see. It makes me that much more motivated to design a life that allows me to explore. So I’ll keep working until I get there. Speaking of exploring, of course you know I do my fair share of it here in DC. This museum is so beautiful and it just so happened that the exhibits provided the perfect backdrop for this look.


My mom and I made this set and because I’m always into a high split, we made 3 of these skirts. I actually finished the top last minute. I planned to make a totally different top but my mom was traveling so I had to figure something out. My sew game still isn’t proper lol. So instead of adding straps, I twisted the fabric around my neck and pinned it to the side. I love how interesting it looks so I scratched the original top and kept it like this. It’s always those last minute decisions that makes an outfit come to life.

I’m gonna attempt to get some photos from Hawaii up in a day or so. Hopefully next week I’ll get on top of posting consistently on a Tuesday Thursday schedule.

Set designed by me made by my mom. Sandals by CoStume National