Ladylike in the Garden

This dress has been collecting dust in my closet so I was happy to slip it on for this shoot. I can't remember where I got it, which is odd for me because I usually can remember where I bought everything. It's vintage of course and I love the floral print. I'll probably get a few Fall wears out of it, throwing on a denim shirt or a long cardigan to dress it down.

Krystin Hargrove_Be Loud Be You_1
Krystin Hargrove_Be Loud Be You_3
Krystin Hargrove_Be Loud Be You_5

I took these photos at Constitution Gardens which is quite beautiful. It has willow trees, my favorite, and a this lake which is perfect for lounging on the grounds for lazy day or to focus and get your mind right. I need to take advantage of all these little gems DC has that I seldom visit. Especially because my most creative ideas are stimulated by visual aid, I'm a super visual person, being outdoors really fuels me. Anyway, I've been into feminine looks lately but once summer is over my mood definitely starts to change.

The natural makeup through the summer months slowly begins to be replaced by bold lip colors and dark eyeliner. You could argue that when Fall comes around my edgy side starts to surface. I feel the shift coming, it almost always starts with my hair. The past couple weeks my eyes have been drawn to androgynous silhouettes, masculine with feminine touches. I'm sure my outfits will soon follow here's to the last days of being a lady haha.

Krystin Hargrove_Be Loud Be You_7
Krystin Hargrove_Be Loud Be You_6
Krystin Hargrove_Be Loud Be You