Lady In Red

I'm on a serious budget lol, so I pulled out this oldie but goodie for my birthday this year.

Dress: Vintage (Thrifted) / Shoes: Steve Madden / Jewelry: Vintage (Thrifted) / Clutch: ALDO

Photography: Keri

Now typically I order like 50 outfits online for my birthday, because it's usually a big production. But because this year was really low key, the day before, I'm like what the hell am I gonna wear. Taking it back to my roots lol, I opted for this vintage dress. Now, this is a wrap dress, so in typical me fashion I'm like..."this ain't enough skin, I gotta show some leg or sumthin!" Being that my birthstone is ruby this dress was perfect. I had to rep for my fellow Cancers. I found this crab brooch a while back thrifting, so my outfit ended up being super symbolic of my birthday. Now back to the skin bearing, I twisted the wrap dress to create this split. Yes, I was taking the Angie approach. I used my brooch to secure it in place, it came out pretty damn awesome I must say.

I went to brunch with some girlfriends at Policy off U Street, I love U Street. I've had the most interesting nights there haha. Anyway, these lovely ladies joined me for brunch. Thanks to all of you who wished me happy birthday on social media, I appreciated all the sweet words :) And thank you to the random guy on the street for taking this picture, you're awesome!!

I slipped out of this dress after brunch, and into another one of course. Then headed to get my tattoo. Every time I get a tattoo I get them in twos or threes. I decided to get "Be Loud Be You" in French on my arm. Now finding the right translation was a damn task lol. After consulting with Google Translate, a French teacher, and my friends French friend...I decided which phase to get. Only to end up wanting to switch one word after the tattoo was already complete. Oh well, most people won't know what the hell it says anyway! But I actually really love it.

Hopefully I won't get out of control with tattoos, but I've been thinking about a half sleeve for a looooooog time. Maybe one day I'll have the balls to actually do it. Top arm tattoos are hard to conceal, that's the main thing holding me back. I like that my tattoos thus far are discrete. But I'm super impulsive so I just might do it. Welp I hope you're having a great week so far xoxo.