Jacket: Thrifted / Skirt: Thrifted / Shoes: Steve Madden / Bustier: H&M / Bag: Aldo
Photography: Trisha Penn

Happy Monday! I hope you're ready to start the week cause I'm sure not. I could use another day, but what else is new. So the weather was kinda perfect this weekend. I know some of ya'll face the dilemma of heading somewhere where minimal clothing is required, but it's freezing cold outside. And we all know there will be those thinking, where is she going half dressed in November, where her clothes at, etc... Well damnit obviously somewhere where sweaters aren't appropriate lol. But seriously, the best option is just throw on a big warm coat. 

I fell in love with these pumps from Steve Madden, I was slightly over animal print shoes until I stumbled across these. Because I can't bring myself to buy a pair of Pigalle pumps or find a good knock off, I give uuuppppp lol! I decided to go with this hybrid pump that fits nicely in my budget. They'll pretty much go with every outfit and they're really comfortable. 

Welp, I've been writing this post for like two hours because I keep getting distracted by Peyton Manning's epicness. So I'm giving wins.

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