Just Me

Photography: Denisio Truitt & Hair By: Alicia Holliday

Hey yall!!! Ok I finally took the plunge and made a hair change. My very good friend and hair stylist Alicia, work last seen HERE, did an amazing job even though I literally screamed as she chopped my hair off. It's sooooooo many things I can do with this style! My sister recently shaved one of her sides which fueled my desire to do the same. Some people are so obsessed with hair and I think the most liberating thing you can do as a woman is shave it off!!! Just say WHATEVER....I'm still sexy with a bald head lolololol. But seriously I feel so free, usually when I start cutting my hair I eventually end up bald!!! We shall see what happens this time. Denisio is a BEAST mannnnnn...I ain't really this cute haha. My stylist Alicia has an AMAZING line of hair and skincare products, Endless Touch. I'll be posting a giveaway tomorrow highlighting her products. Every since she's given me the samples I've been HOOKED!!! So look out for that tomorrow ;) Welp, this is my last work week before vacation so I hope it goes by quick..Byeeeeeeee