Jus Blaze

Blazer: Vintage (from Goodwill) / Bag: ASOS / Belt: Borrowed from Trisha / Shoes: Camilla Skovgaard / Shades: Ray Ban
Photography: Trisha Penn

Yo! Short commentary today because I'm lazy lol. I've been searching high and low for a blazer dress. Then I remembered this vintage number I got a few years ago from Goodwill. Although I'm still looking for a more chic version, I love how this look came together. I wanted to pair the blazer with an unexpected shoe that would add a lil flava. What do you guys think? 

I'm already tired of this weave so I think I'm gonna cut it soon. But I do appreciate that my head is a lot warmer with it lol. My son keeps saying, "your hair got long mommy." Haha...I'm like yea look I got it out of this bag, as he stares at me looking puzzled. I swear my heart beats for that kid. Even tho he tries my patience, boys are legit cray and extremely hyper, my life wouldn't have meaning without him!!!

Welp, that's all folks.