It's Layers To This Shit

My go-to, that never fails me, is layering. For some odd reason, when I start piling clothes on and playing around with different textures. I create looks I really love. This outfit is a result of that, but I'll admit, it does take a lot of putting things on and taking them off for me to get to what I like. I was actually throwing on this sheer nightie to go change the laundry. This pencil skirt was in my pile of laundry and I thought, why not put it on over the nightie...and that was that.

My guilty pleasure is a Zara sale. When I tell you I rack up, I mean I rack up. Zara is my favorite retail chain, H&M a close second especially when I'm shopping for Chase. I know everyone loves Zara so this isn't ground breaking news, but their sales are insane. I hesitate to buy things at full price because their sales are so damn good. That's probably not a good thing for them. Then again, hell, buying the whole store because it's on sale...means they get a substantial chunk of my money anyway.

But I digress, this sweater is from Zara and it's so comfy. I'm not really a fan of tops with this odd sleeve length because I have long monkey arms. Oddly, I don't mind them or the neckline which is typically not my thing either. This is such a ladylike look, I find myself open to wearing things I've historically not been fond of. My style is definitely maturing and it's awesome to feel sexy and girly and not have to have a lot of skin showing.

Most people have certain silhouettes they gravitate to. I love plunging necklines and pencil skirts, they just work for my small frame. I'm known to bear some skin, but putting together winter looks had previously been hard for me. The way my genes are set up, me and the cold don't get along. Which means bearing a little skin aka my comfort zone, ain't cute in the winter. I'll save that for the warmer months. But I love that I'm retiring being bummy in the winter and am taking a more fashion forward approach.

I've had these Alaia pumps for a while now but I don't wear them often. My feet aren't small lol, so a common problem I have is ankle straps not fitting. My co-worker found this accessory hole puncher online at Target, so I'll definitely be investing in that. Another reason these sit in my closet is the entire insole on both shoes came off after the first time I wore them! An easy fix but if I paid the $1,000 plus retail price for these shoes I'd be pissed.

My favorite part of this look is the vintage box purse Fran loaned me. She's gonna kill me because I was suppose to send her all the stuff I borrowed for fashion week back lol. Ima try to get a few more wears of of them before I do haha. Love you Fran!!!

I'm so ready for the weekend, well kind of, a lot of manual labor will be going down trying to get situated in my apartment. I'm too cheap to hire movers, at the rate I move that could be a hefty expense...gypsy life lol. I wouldn't have it any other way :)

Photography Ksenia

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