It Takes Two

I've been living in slight chaos for the past year. I have things everywhere, I'm in the process of looking for a new place and I can't wait to get settled. In the meantime, it takes me forever to transition my clothes as the seasons change. I love Fall, but without fail my productivity takes a hit this time of year.

Sweater: H&M / Skirt: H&M (same sweater worn as a skirt) / Jacket: H&M / Rings: She's Unique / Necklace: Thrifted / Shoes: Alaia

Per usual, I was perusing the sale rack at H&M. They had damaged sweaters for 3 bucks so I bought a ton of them. Taking 17 bucks off for a few small rips on the collar, yes please. Initially I planned to rip them up more, but like many other small projects, I never got around to it.

It worked out well because I was able to throw two of them on to create this look. I love that it looks like a dress. I've been seeing similar looks on street style blogs, so what the hell, I decided to put my own spin on it. I got this jacket from H&M too, also on sale for $5. I don't know about you guys, but expensive clothes have never been my thing. Especially because it's so easy look great for little money. Shoes are however a different story, although I have many inexpensive shoes. I will splurge on a designer pair.

Even though I own designer pieces, I've never paid retail price. If I can wait and buy something on sale, why spend the extra money. Not saying buying at retail is bad, accountants are just money conscience.

My mom will read this and inquire why I didn't give her photo credit. Usually her work is just ok hahaha...but I love these photos so I guess I have to give her a shout out. Thanks mom!!! People always ask me who my photographer is. I'm like my niece, my mom, my coworkers, the man on the street's anybody really. I wish I had time to meet up with photographers for posts. That's just not the case right now.

You should've seen my mom & I taking pictures. We literally shot this in front of our house. Of course, as soon as we walked outside it started to rain. It was barely raining but the drama queen aka my mom had to go back inside and put on a damn fur hooded coat. I'm like mom it's not even that cold outside haha.

I love fall colors, but I hate that the leaves get so beautiful right before they die. Maryland puts up a new development every other week, there's barely any wooded area. Luckily our end unit has a scenic wooded area on the side. I'm going to miss that when I leave.

So this will be a common backdrop, I'm gonna milk this until all the leaves are gone.

I don't PhotoShop my pictures, mainly because I have no idea how to use it. So disregard the huge zit on my face. I really need to buy a pair of pointed toe pumps, I always forget about these Alaia pumps I got on the Outnet. I never wear them because the inner lining separated from the shoe. Another thing I need to fix, if any of you locals know a good cobbler I'm in need of one.

I put together a shopping widget below. I'm trying to be better at adding links to shop the look. It's really hard because a lot of my pieces are thrifted or vintage. These widgets are actually a lot of work, typically people are linking exact products. The struggle :( I'm doing the best I can while staying true to the outfits price points,

I hope you're enjoying your weekend xx