Ishka Designs: Park Slope Home

Initially I was gonna post a typical outfit post, but I bet you're tired of seeing me haha, so I decided to switch it up.

A design post, hooray!!! I'm back at's about time. I came across this super dope interior design firm, Ishka Designs. I love her work and I hope you will too.

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In my mind or maybe a fairy tale, I could decorate my home all white. But the way my son is wired...that's not really an option. Nonetheless, there are elements that I can incorporate from spaces such as this one. I love the hint of greenery, mostly potted in white flower pots. That's a great way to bring white into a space.

I also love the patterned dining room chairs, as opposed to an all white set. Ya'll mamas know dinner can be an ordeal sometimes, having white patterned chairs is definitely more forgiving. A spot here and there wouldn't be as noticeable.

This artwork is unexpectedly brilliant! A painting is another great way to add color to a room, the white really pops against the other colors. A finger paining is a cost effective way to achieve this look. It's also a pretty awesome activity to do with the kiddos and display in your home.

I bought these insane vintage-lucite dining chairs with white leather seating for my dining room. This room has the perfect balance of whites & colors while maintaining an elegant feel. Definitely going on my mood board as inspiration.

I have tons of thrifted furniture. However, I do believe in investing in unique pieces. Splurging on key pieces can really breathe life into a room.

Inspired by this space, I've picked out a few pieces I believe are definitely worth investing in.