Instaweekend NYC

Hey guys!!! Did you miss me??? If you didn't whatever lol. Last Friday, (yes it was Friday the 13th) was my birthday and this year I decided to spend it in NYC. I usually pretend DC isn't a short car ride from my house, and stay in the city like I'm on vacation. It's always a big production, but this year I decided to just get the hell outta town. It was just the change of scenery I needed. Every time I visit NYC I make myself believe that one day I'll live there. Welp, I guess I should be satisfied it's not too far away. I was supposed to leave early Friday morning but I had the bright idea to go partying Thursday night. Please NEVER drink nearly half a cup of Patron, you'll end up using a hat as a barf bag like I did. I guess 27 isn't to be played with, I was definitely reminded that I'm no young pup anymore haha. I'll stick to wine please and thank you! Here are a few IG pics from my can follow me @be_loud_be_you on Instagram. Enjoy <3

1. The view from the car in Times Square
2. Wearing a dress I found at Zara backwards for a night out with friends
3. This Red Snapper was amazingly delicious!!! Basically all I did the whole trip was eat :)
4. Early morning shopping in SoHo
5. I found this amazing crochet one piece at BCBG on sale...I'm so in love with it
6. Crossing the Delaware bridge coming back home, such a beautiful view
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