Happy Monday!!! I had a really great weekend I must say. Spent some boo time with my girls, hung out with my pumpkin, and ate tons of foooooooooooood lol. My mom says, "all you do is spend money on food" haha yup food and thrifting are the primary reasons I'm always broke. But hey, I don't see that ever changing so oh well :p!!! Here are a few shots of my weekend....enjoy!
1. My son running from my kisses, well that was like the 20th kiss so I can't blame him
2. This dish is sooooo yummy, seafood over pan fried noodles
3. A little preview of my fathers day outfit, it'll be posted later this week! This dress...lawd, that's really all I can say about it ;)
4. Ok, more food, me and my boos had dinner before heading out to get our party on Friday night
5. The lovely selection of colors at the Coco Rae launch party in the link and buy!!! I highly recommend Courtney's polishes, perfect for summer
Welp, that's can follow me on Instagram @be_loud_be_you for more random photos lol BYEEEEE