Happy turntup Tuesday!!! Who am I kidding, I'm actually turnt the hell down cause it's raining and cold outside. All I wanna do is throw on my favorite holey sweatpants, lay in bed, and drank a glass of Bailey's...with my pinky up cause I'm such a fu*kin lady. (Btw Bailey's is my fave! So you can send me some for mother's day lol) Anywoo, at least the weather was nice over the weekend. Here are a few shots of my going ons. You can follow me on Instagram @Beloudbeyou
1. I had an amazing time Saturday at the Ball on the Mall. Such a great was divine and so was the unlimited champagne and wine!!!! Definitely a memorable night celebrating the preservation of our nations capital's history!
2. Oh hey bikini body!!! Rounding up my vacation gear for a much needed vacation!
3. Details of my hair done by my stylist and long time friend Alicia! Make your appointment HERE.
4. Just kicking my feet up with a cool cool beverage on my way to brunch.
5. Preview of an upcoming outfit post wearing this amazing leather dress, still available HERE