Happy Monday!!! Here are a few instagram pics of how I spent my weekend. What did you guys do?

1. A few friends and I went on a party yacht and I was able to capture this beautiful pic of the monument.
2. It was soooo hot but I had a really good time, I'll be posting all of what I wore in my next post ;)
3. The weekend wouldn't be complete without some thrifting, here are a few items I picked up!
4. I lucked out on some great jewelry too.
5. Fooooooood my plate is the one to the left, that lobster ravioli was freaking delicious.
6. Wine baby is so much sweeter with this glass in my hand :p
I hope you enjoyed my first insta-weekend post :) you can follow me on instagram @be_loud_be_you let's all try to get through this Monday :/ XOXO