In The Trenches

Jeans: Vintage Levis 501 / Trench: DVF / Fur Scarf: Gifted from #FransPlace / Bag: Michael Kors / Top: American Apparel (Actually a jumpsuit) / Shoes: YSL / Jewelry: Gifted from #FransPlace & Thrifted
Late post today because I'm fighting off a cold. I've been searching far and wide for a pair of 501's so when I found these in Ohio I was doing a serious happy dance. I found two pair for 15 & 18 bucks, beats the outrageous prices for them on Ebay I must say. It's safe to say I cleaned out my aunts closet over Thanksgiving, this fur scarf can take any outfit to another level. I plan on getting a lot of wear out of it this winter. I haven't worn this trench in forever, not quite sure why cause it has such a classic silhouette. At least I got to take it out for a spin, I think I’ll retire it until the spring. I absolutely HATE wearing stockings, with that being said you’ll see this fool (me) quite often with my toes out in the freezing cold. Stupid I know...but are my feet the only ones that sweat profusely when in stockings? I'll cover these dogs up when I start to see snow. I’m having a major shoe crises, I've been trying sooooo hard to find boots and closed toe shoes I wanna buy but no winners yet. Welp, back to tiger balm and meds…XOXO