In My White Tee

Corduroy Pants: Zara / Vest, Jacket, and Necklace: Thrifted / Tee Shirt: Hanes / Shoes: Aldo / Watch: Michael Kors / Shades: Ray Ban / Bag: Cleo & Patek

Well I guess the winter finally decided to show up because the last few days have been pretty damn cold. I love this vest because it's reversible, last worn here, it's so fly, and can change the tone of any outfit.  I had so many good shots today, I guess the blogger Gods were shining down on me haha! I'll be uploading more pics to my Facebook page later this evening. It's been five months since the blog launched and wow it's really been quite an experience!!! 2011 has definitely been an amazing year, I've learned a lot about myself and I'm looking forward to endless possibilities in 2012! What's great about blogging is getting to share a piece of my world with you, I appreciate all of you guys for reading and I hope you continue to do so <3 If you thought 2011 was a wild, crazy, fashionable ride...Ya ain't seen nothing yet!!! Look into my crystal ball...I see DC bloggers going wild at New York Fashion Week, more fierce collaborations, giveaways for you, and so much more. So stick know you want to ;)...XOXO  
PS...I slang in my white tee, I bang in my white tee, All in the club spitting game in my white tee *leaning & rocking* hahahahaha...ok bye