I'm Back

Jacket: Vintage / Shirt: H&M / Jeans: French Connection / Shoes: Giuseppe Zanotti / Watch: Michael Kors

 So sorry I’ve gone missing for the last few days, I was dealing with some personal life issues. But I can’t think of a better way to pull myself together than to blog for you lovely people who I just adore <3!!! As crazy as my week has been it’s about time I hang out with the lovely ladies and gents in the DC blogger community. I went to the South Moon Under holiday party last night and it was so much fun!!! I know I’ve been talking a lot about SMU but their so FAB so you just gotta deal with it lol :p I will definitely have that recap up for you soon!!! I hope you’re having December to remember, corny I know, I’m gonna suck it up and enjoy what’s left of this month!!! When you don’t feel fabulous inside the best way to shake it off is to look fabulous on the outside haha!!! Bye loves XOXO

PS…I think this is the first post I’m wearing jeans…That shi*t cray…I just wanted to say that lmfao!!!