I Workout

Let me tell you, the amount of walking we did in Europe was more than enough exercise! But nothing beats a good stretch with a scenic view. This building was outside our condo in Italy, I had to get a quick stretch in and it was the perfect place for it.

Top: c/o Zumba / Pants: c/o Zumba / Bra: c/o Zumba / Shoes: Vans

I love sharing my fitness stories with you guys, especially because taking care of your body is so important. We all want to grow old and be the grumpy grandparents, well in my case I wanna grow old and be able to wear my pumps haha. Whatever your reason for working out, as long as you're doing it that's all that matters.

In Europe everyone's so fit, it amazes me because all I did there was eat, luckily I did a lot of walking to balance that out. People also don't eat as much there as we do in the US, which kind of made me think about the proportions of my meals. While I thought about it, I realized that my stomach wants what it wants...so exercise it is for me lol.

Moms especially have time constraints, but little things like getting in a good stretch before you start your day can make a huge difference. It's a quick and easy way to jump start your day when you can't fit a full workout in. What ways do you incorporate quick workouts into your day? I'm always looking for an unconventional way to work up a sweat!!