I Am Not My Hair

I'm so damn tired of doing my hair lol.

Jacket: H&M / Skirt: H&M / Necklace: Thrifted / Bikini Top: Victoria's Secret / Shoes: Steve Madden

To be quite honest, I have no reservations when it comes to hair. I don't really understand why people are so attached to it or why it's so important. And what I mean by that is, I know a lot of people who act as if hair makes them. I honestly could care less about what type of hair someone has. Beauty for me isn't dependent on simply what I see, rather how someone or something makes me feel. I feel that people create division when it comes to hair. Especially with the whole natural hair thing, while I support whatever a woman chooses to do with their hair, I don't agree with judging someone for their hair decisions. I also don't believe that beautiful hair is limited to long hair, curly hair, or any other specific texture or type. I believe beautiful hair means that you feel beautiful when you wake up and look at it yourself.

I'm a very impulsive person, change is something I constantly do, I often use my hair as an outlet for change. For me, it's the easiest way to convey a mood. The mood I'm currently trying to convey is, I ain't got time to do my hair haha. Plus I'm so tired of my hair being in my face, I'll probably get braids again really soon. But, for the time being, these cornrows have been holding me down. It's funny because I've been wearing them all week and I love how they put a different spin on each of my outfits lol. I'll probably be sick of them by the end of the week tho, then it'll be on on to the next style.

All I'm missing from this look is some bamboo earrings lololol. I actually have a really small head so big earrings overpower my face a little bit. I just can't seem to stay away from neutrals, which is actually really odd for me, especially in the summer. But oh well...simple is just the way I'm feeling right now. I found this bomber jacket at H&M for like 7 bucks!!! I'm gonna be wearing it non-stop, the fit is so perfect for me. Just the right amount of bagginess and it's really lightweight. I just bought a shit ton of basics from H&M too, they have a great sale right now. I plan on cutting up a few sweaters tonight. They had some damaged sweaters for like 3 bucks, I'm like hell yea, I'll just rip it up some more and make it seem as if it came like that. I'm actually really excited to do it. But I'm out, hope your week's a good one so far...