There are so museum's I haven't been to in DC, so I've decided to change that. This weekend I visited the Hirshhorn and I really enjoyed it. I'm terrible at remembering specifics, but you guys should definitely check the museum out.

My favorite exhibit was this one pictured to the right, I'm moving next month, I'm definitely gonna create a similar structure above my bed. I think that would be so sick!

Another big reason I wanna check out museums is I really love photography. Lately I've been so focused on other things, I've gotten away from the artistic components my blog use to have.
I snapped these pics which are just the beginning of a series of art driven posts I'll be sharing in the coming months.

Over the years I've made a lot of changes here on the blog, which I think is good because I'm big on growth and change. But I'm really excited about whats to come because I'm in a really good place now. Creativity seems to be pouring out of me. I'm stepping further outside the box/my comfort zone and it feels really good. I guess when you're ok with REALLY marching to the beat of your own drum, you look at things a lot differently. Anyway, I hope you guys had a great weekend xx