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The beach really is my happy place. There’s a certain calming I feel when I’m near the ocean. I can lay on the beach for hours and it wouldn’t get old, my zodiac sign is a crab so maybe that has something to do with it.

We spent many days on the beach in Kona, when I tell you I’ve never seen a place so beautiful, I really mean it. Waking up in paradise for week was just what I needed. Not only that, but spending time with old friends and getting to know a few new ones was the icing on the cake.

Every beach was different. Some were easy to navigate through and others a little more difficult. The water is so clear so it was easy to access to swim or not to swim.

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At this particular beach I opted not to swim, the current was pretty heavy and the rocks were too slippery. Of course I didn’t wear water shoes, although I highly recommend them if you visit Hawaii, I love barefoot beaching so they’re not an option for me. I sat along the shore and reflected, I’m so thankful I’ve have the opportunity to travel quite a bit lately. It’s really a blessing.

There are so many hidden gems on off the beaches in Hawaii. I thought this was Queen’s Bath but according to my research there’s either two of them or this gem has a different name. Either way I took a dip, this amazing underground pond filled with rain water was everything. Unlike the ocean water, which is extremely salty, I swear someone comes by and fills this thing with Smart Water hahaha. I literally felt rejuvenated after I got out. It was definitely the best part of this beach day.

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The sand was quite interesting, it was a combination of regular sand with some areas being covered by small black pebbles, which I believe is considered sand as well. It was interesting, near the shore there was the black pebbly sand and further back the traditional sand which made made the beach view look textured. It was dope, I can't recall ever seeing a beach with multiple types of sand. Well until now that is.

I have a few more beaches I’ll write about over the next few weeks from my trip. Yes, they’re all worthy of their own post!