Hat Trick

Top: Lord & Taylor (alternative) / Jacket: BCBG / Jeans (alternative), Shoes (alternative), & Bag (alternative): Zara   / Hat: Thrifted (alternative)

So I like to think of myself as a chameleon, I've never found a style I wasn't comfortable wearing. I attribute most of that to my IDGAF attitude, I'm comfortable with me. I feel just as fly in sexy-form fitting clothes as I do when I'm dressed casually. That's why I preach being yourself so much, once you stop giving two fucks...life becomes a whole new world, don't you dare close your eyes. Hahahahahaha I couldn't resist, I freakin love Aladdin.

I digress, anywoo. It's always those days you start pulling random clothes from your closet, that you stumble across a look you really love. I didn't wanna do my hair, didn't wear any makeup (except lipstick), and all I wanted to do was be comfy. So after putting on and taking off clothes I didn't wanna wear, I somehow ended up in this ensemble.

I LIVE for BCBG!!! They're the only brand that fits my body perfectly, while still maintaining a very tailored look. Not to mention I have long monkey arms and the sleeves of the small sizes fit them!!! They just need to let me raid their production facility...hell a girl can dream right?!?! 

Welp, I'm out cause Chick-Fil-A is calling my name..so bye.