Gold Fro

Dress: La Petite Marmoset (vintage) / Shoes: BCBG / Ring: Karla Deras x Roman Luxe / Necklace & bracelet: Vintage
Photography: Denisio Truitt

So for those of you who are unaware, I'm team natural hair. Although I don't wear natural styles often, I decided to embrace my curls this week. I must say, I'm loving it!!! I'm quite fearless when it comes to hair. I love to constantly change it up...especially because of the constant controversy that surrounds women's hair. So many people judge based on hair, it's actually quite ridiculous. I notice a change in how I'm treated based on my hair. If I have a weave people interact with me more, smile when I walk by etc... But when I wear my hair natural they don't as much. I'm calling it out because I think it's stupid.

On the flip side, us women slightly divide ourselves and partake in the same superficial idiotic behavior. I see it all the time, I see women who can't wear their natural hair because their so addicted to the notion that being beautiful means having long hair. I also see natural hair women criticize other women because they don't consider them "natural enough." Well I'm saying ENOUGH...We should be embracing each other as women, supporting each other, uplifting each other. Not only regarding physical appearance, in all aspects. I hate to sound like I'm preaching but some women out there haven't grasped this concept yet.

So rock your damn hair however you want because you CAN...and these BCBG shoes are fabulous btw...Good day!