Go Try It On

 Heeeeyyyyyy <3 I come to you today to tell you about a pretty sick iPhone app, so cleverly named Go Try It On. Welcome my friends, to the social side of style. Remember those college days when you always could run next door and get a stamp of approval on your outfit. Well the lovely folks at Go Try It On make it possible to relive those college days…well not exactly, but hell at least they’re here for the days you need a little style inspiration or confirmation!!!

With NYFW upon us, what better time to go download this fashiontabulous app, find it HERE, and let the posting begin. Make sure to heart what you love and comment, so us users will know if we’ve got a winner. I’m happy to be joining this amazing community…(I’m waiting for the iPhone 5, Apple could you hurry up PLEASE…lawd) but as soon as I’m live on the app I’ll let you guys know. So let’s talk style people, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR HUH??? (In my best Jennifer Love Hewitt voice)