Girl You Look Cray

OMG I just dropped my MAC on the ground

This ones pretty bad lol

So you're just gonna crash my shoot? Oh ok

Blah blah blah

Are you ready yet geezzz

Oh yea, I'm feeling myself

Well well well...what we bloggers don't want you to see/know is how crazy some of our photos that don't make the blog look. In a perfect world I'd look like Chanel Iman in every frame! But lets be real people, that ain't happening. I'm the queen of crazy facial expressions, you can always tell how I feel by looking at my face. So I thought it'd be fun to post these not so fierce pics, hell they make me laugh so maybe they'll make you laugh too. Plus I'm bored and have nothing better to do. I should be washing my hair but I'm being lazy. Do any of my natural hair readers hate washing their hair like I do? Lawd, I gotta drink a glass of wine just to prepare myself, or maybe that's just an excuse to drink. Anywoo, I better get the washing because it's already 10:30pm and pass out mode is about to be in full effect. Plus I'm getting my weave in out for Tiffany (my alter ego) she tends to surface when I add weave to the equation. Ok I'm rambling now BYE!