Ghostface Killah

Dress: Keepsake the Label / Shoes: Giuseppe Zanotti

Happy hump day!!! So I decided to take a break from the vacation posts because I love this outfit so much. Due to my serious tan, my makeup is too light for me now. I’ve been too lazy to pick up makeup in the right color, so as a result of my laziness my face just might appear lighter than the rest of my body. My mom made that clear as I was getting dressed. She kept calling me ghostface lolololololololol. That explains the title of this post haha. Never a dull moment when she’s my photographer, I love that woman. 

Anywoo, I’ll be posting a lot of stuff this week to make up for my holiday weekend lack of blogging. Sheva will have a new post up and I’ll also be sharing some things I’m into right now. I hope you all had a great holiday weekend XOXO