Get To Know Ya

Dress: 8 Vintage 
Photography: Denisio Truitt 

Happy Friday! Some days just call for the simplicity of a maxi dress and no shoes lol. Because the weather last weekend was perfect, sunshine and clear skies...I had no interest in getting dressed up or going anywhere. I threw on this 8 Vintage dress (available for sale soon!!!...shameless plug), made some tea and just enjoyed the warmth of a sunny day. I was on somewhat of a natural high, probably because I've been dying for the weather to break. Normally I'm not a play in the grass type of girl, but it felt great rolling around pretending I was the love interest in someone's video know you've danced in the mirror like you were the featured chick in a video, you ain't got to lie Craig (some of you might not get that reference, sad story if you didn't) If I could implant myself in a video that captured the mood of this day it'd be the one below.....Ohhhh Maxwell...