Get Crafty

The weather has been amazing for the past few days! So much so, I decided to get a little jazzy for work. I typically dress comfortably (aka like a bum) when I'm at work. We have a pretty relaxed culture, so I'm fortunate enough to wear what I want :) I will say I modified the slit at the office lol...The thigh action was served just for you.

Top: Forever 21 / Wearing a thrifted poncho as a skirt / Boots: Steve Madden / Jacket: Vintage

I love getting experimental in my closet! Every time someone claims they have nothing to wear, I bet them I can put together an outfit they'll like. Too often we run out and buy stuff when we don't need to. I've always been a penny pincher, but with my recent wanderlust, I'd rather spend money on traveling. I plan to leave the country at least twice next year, so shopping is pretty much non-existent right now.

Saving actually forces me to get crafty. I was gonna wear his poncho the "normal" way, but I couldn't find my black jeans. I decided to be decent and not walk around the house in my underwear, rare, so I wrapped the poncho around my waist. Then I looked in the mirror, stopped looking for my jeans, and thought...hell I'll just wear it like this lol. I love when that happens.

Thank God for my genetics, I bought this crop turtleneck in college, and because I'm a pack rat, I still have it. I also have a grey one that'll be placed back in rotation. Being the same weight for 15 years does have some benefits, what do you know.

I need to audit my closet, I have so much stuff I don't need. I'm getting rid of a ton of stuff, so I may offer some things up for sale via the blog or my Instagram. I literally have boxes labeled, "stuff with tags on it" I'll probably end up donating most of it to charity. When I do start shopping again, I'll need some free space haha.

Pretty soon I'm going to start sharing snippets of my kids clothing line. It's been two years since I birthed the idea to start this project. I'm finally getting to a place where I feel comfortable sharing. I don't wanna share too much because I'm paranoid lol. But I definitely want to talk about the road it took to bring it to life. It was a crazy one, but I learned so much along the way!

Anyway, I'm considering changing the blog to a set schedule of post days/topics. Mainly because I'm struggling to stay awake at night plus it gets dark so early. And I'm slightly exhausted...What topics would you like to see more of on the blog? I'd love to know.