Fly Girl

Pants: H&M / Sweater & Jacket: Thrifted / Jewelry: Thrifted & from #FransPlace / Bag: Louis Vuitton / Shoes: Giuseppe Zanotti
Happy Monday!!! I must admit, I love my vintage and all but sometimes you gotta release your inner fly girl. I've been sporting a top knot a lot recently because I'm trying to protect my natural hair. I was playing in the mirror and I twisted this ponytail...then I applied my Ruby Woo...all I could hear in my head was. "You can do what you wanna do, in living color." Fly girl mode was in FULL EFFECT!!! I was channeling my inner J Lo dancing and shaking my imaginary rump, so much so I said what the hell, I'm gonna wear this all day!! It also reminded me of a conversation I had over the weekend. I was talking with other bloggers...we were discussing how we feel the need to always dress up. But look, Yes I have a fashion blog...however that does NOT mean you won't catch me around town straight chillin. I'm talking holey sweatpants and sweatshirts!!! Cause hell, sometimes that's so necessary. As a matter of fact I've been spotted looking a hot mess a few times lol, and it wont be the last. There is something so beautiful about not giving a damn, which I don't, and neither should you!! So if you feel like being super glam one day and looking like a 12 year old boy the next...go for it, be loud be you boo boo lol. And if someone has a problem with that, I always say...don't like it don't look!!! Anywoo, I hope ya'll have a great week XOXO