Fine Wine

The weekends are never long enough, never! But I have a pretty awesome week ahead I must say.

Crop Top: Thrifted (reconstructed) / Blazer: BCBG / Skirt: ASOS / Shoes: Steve Madden / Bag: Zara

Photography: Keri

One of my best friends is getting married, I get to see Kelis live for the first time, and I'm co-hosting an event at the W hotel in DC. All these things kinda trump the fact that this is my hellish work week.

Anyway, my babe Keri strikes again, she shot these pics after an event last week. We were perusing another DC rooftop. Which will basically be a constant throughout the summer. I feel so damn old lol, every time I meet someone they're in their early twenties. Because I'll be hitting the scene a lot more this year, after kinda taking a hiatus, I better get use to the ripe folks lol. In my mind I'm like baby you're fine wine, you just get better with time hahahaha. That was corny as hell, but rings true in so many aspects.

If you can't apply horrible pick up lines to yourself, you're boring! My shitty liquor tolerance will be tested this weekend. Back to back drinking nights...yikes! This will surly be an enormous feat lol. What ever happened to the days of plenty shots and many long be young again. OK...I'm not that old but I feel old.
Welp, that's all she wrote.