Festive Skirt

Skirt: Vintage Victor Costa / Top: American Apparel / Jewelry: Thrifted & from #FransPlace / Shoes: Christian Louboutin  

It's snowing...Not really just a bit obsessed with editing

Hey yall!!! Quick post today cause I'm LAZY busy damnit. My sweet little niece/upcoming photographer took these pics of me and my sis on Thanksgiving. I think she did an excellent job, love my niece-poo!!! This is what we kinda wore (my sister will laugh) hahahahaha she knows why. Anywoo, I'm wearing this gorgeous vintage Victor Costa skirt with an American Apparel dress as a top. The skirt is thrifted, it's actually a set...the top is short sleeved and completely sequined with a red sheer peplum!!! I'm dying to wear it, but it'll have to wait until either Spring or the tropical vacation I haven't booked yet. Welp, my stomach is growling kinda loud and I'm afraid my co-worker will think I have awful gas...gonna go eat now, BYE.