Feels Like Home

Photos from Google Images

Yoooooo! I've been kinda silent over the past two weeks. I can't get my mind off home decor. I've acquired so many beautiful pieces and all I wanna do is create my dream home.

For me, simplicity is king when it comes to interior design. Because I frequently buy new knick-knacks and accent pieces. I like to keep the base of a room really simple. That way I can interchange pieces easily. I'm in love with natural elements like wood and brick, they create warmth which is what I aim for when designing a room.

Of course I love a little vintage flava too. Vintage can easily appear dated so mixing contemporary pieces is a good way to avoid that. Vintage elements can also appear somewhat girly, and because I'm far from that, I'm always conscious that a man doesn't want a super feminine home lol.

So I've been trying to determine a direct focus for rooms based on some of the pieces I own. While none of these photos represent exactly what I'd do. They all have certain elements that I love. It's so easy to buy a lot of things and realize they're all saying something different. Making mood boards or gathering photos is a great way to keep yourself focused on your vision.

I cannot wait until I'm able to start my interior design projects and share them with you guys!