Coat: Thrifted / Pants: Thrifted / Crop Top: Thrifted (DIY) / Jacket: H&M / Bag: Zara / Shoes: Giuseppe
Photography: Trisha Penn

Yo people! What in the crazy ass week I had. I'm feeling the effects of having a school age child. Just when I got use to homework and tracking my sons social progress, the winter hits. With all the breaks and days off that occur in the winter months, it's been a challenge balancing work and keeping my son on track and focused. My fellow parents do you feel my pain?!? I need vino...STAT...my nerves are so bad lol, I put so much pressure on myself as a parent. This stage is a whole new ball game, not to mention my paranoia and slight over protectiveness. I think I'm turning into momzilla hahaha. I credit this to my Law & Order SVU marathons and let's just face it people are crazy!!!

Ok enough about that, I'm probably scaring you lol. Anyway, I just wanna thank the thrift store for providing 80% of this outfit. Old faithful...every time I'm down in the dumps, I make a thrift run, it's like an instant pick me up. I think I'll lift my thrifting ban this weekend and swing buy a few shops.

These pants are so versatile and comfortable, I get wear out of them every season. There's nothing I love more than getting my money's worth. I would write more but this crippling headache won't let me be great...