Fall Transitions

Hat (alternative) & Pants (alternative) (alternative): Thrifted / Shoes: Aldo (alternative) / Shirt: H&M (alternative)
Photography: Trisha Penn 

So I'm just letting you guys know, my mood is shifting, which if you've been a reader for a while you know I love change. I can't really put my finger on how my desire for change will realize this time around. But what I know for certain is change is coming lol.

I find myself drawn to clean lines, dark color pallets, and I'm obsessing over everything green!! I'm also uninspired by a lot of trends (not so surprising), which has me really itching to design.  I have like 5 custom pieces being made because I don't wanna wear anything but the designs I'm creating in my mind. Unfortunately, I can't produce my ideas as fast as I'd like.

I'm making a strong push to start wearing mainly my own designs. But of course I can't give up vintage/thrift so I'll still be incorporating those elements. I can't wait to start sharing more of my ideas with ya'll.

So, about these pants, I loooooove them. I plan on wearing them so may ways this fall/winter. And lets talk about this hat too...I can see it now, a bob length wavy weave paired with this hat. That shits gonna be a big deal lol. 

Welp, I have so much to do today, but I hope ya'll had a productive weekend!!!