Fall Fa Balmain

Images via Style.com (See full collection HERE)

Hey yall! I was online over the weekend, gathering inspiration photos for an upcoming 8 Vintage line. When I came across the Balmain Spring 2013 collection. Lawd oh lawd I fell in love. Hummm maybe it's the 80'sesque strong shoulders, or the plunging necklines, or maybe even the bare midriffs...come to think of it, it's all of those things that made me drool and imagine I could adorn my body in such garments. I mean this collection oozes sex appeal and yet keeps it oh so classy! That's right up my alley...I use to hate and still kinda do my broad shoulders. But I find, the best way to learn to love the things you're not fond of, is to embrace them!!! This collection has provided the blueprint for my spring and summer wardrobe. You can just call me a line backer baby cause I'll be rocking the hell outta shoulder pads! Balmain hit this shit outta the park, well at least for me, it just has all the right elements. A slight menswear feel, comfort...I really don't like wearing tight clothes, so the shape of the pieces are perfect. Some peek-a-boo skin bearing action, fabric choice,  I could just go on and on.
I'm always behind on mainstream designer collections, mainly because I spend so much of my time vintage hunting and thrifting. Not to mention my bank roll ain't long enough to buy such luxuries. But even if you can't afford these things, you can be inspired by them. I guarantee that I'll be creating similar looks from this collection for less!! I'm actually really excited to start thrifting for pieces I can transform into my "Balmain on a Budget" Spring and Summer wardrobe. Maybe I'll do a little "how to" when some of the looks are done :) Have a great week.