Fall Colors

Cape: Thrifted (last worn here) / Skirt: 8 Vintage (last worn here) / Necklaces: Thrifted / Shoes: Aldo / Belt: Thrifted
Photography: Denisio Truitt

Happy Monday!!! As yall probably know, hurricane Sandy is about to tear some sh*t up. So I'm getting this post up before the power goes out. While everyone was grabbing water off the shelves, I was the only fool with a cart full of alcoholic beverages...I'm really not a drunk :-/...On a side note, I think I'm over having this weave! I wanna go back to my real hair...I'm thinking super blonde again. So prepare yourselves for a hair change soon. Anywoo, I love this cape, it's like a fashionable snuggie. When I wear it my son always says says "Mommy go night night?" lol he thinks it's a blanket, love that kid. I really need to revamp my winter wardrobe. I'm gonna spend some time getting my closet prepared for winter today. Which will probably include some online shopping. Damnit that's why I can't stay at home all day...thanks a lot Sandy! Stay safe east coasters XOXO