Exploring Cannes


Heyyyyyyyy guys :) I'm finally back on US time so I thought I'd post some snaps from Cannes. I had such a great time! Traveling internationally alone for the first time, I thought I would panic haha. But thanks to social media I was able to meet some new friends prior to leaving. It's kinda crazy how well we clicked...gotta love it. Unexpected new friends, I can dig that.

How amazing is this view by the way?!? Even more insane in person!


We spent most days running around town exploring. There was something beautiful at every corner. I definitely recommend visiting Cannes if you can. The only thing that was somewhat disappointing was their vintage/thrift shops. The prices were insane, and I mean that in a ridiculous way. So I unfortunately wasn't able to bring back any vintage goodness. But that was the only negative, so I'm cool with that.

I just couldn't help but to get a shot against this scenery. Funny story, I had heels on and had to literally crawl hand and foot to get this shot. My comrades thought that was hilarious, and proceeded to take several photos of my ass sticking up in the air lol. Moments I wish we got on film haha! Check out




blogs and I'll try to get more photos up soon xx.

Wearing a vintage fishnet dress, thrifted DIY crop tank, Zara trousers, and Costume National sandals.